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Cambio & Co. is where the global Filipinx community gathers to learn, reconnect, and celebrate the people and places we come from. 

We’re always looking for talented writers who embody our mission and who have uniquely Filipinx perspectives.

There are a few ways to get involved as a writer with Cambio & Co.

  • Submit A Story Pitch 
  • Join our Writers’ Database

Before you speed on ahead, please read this entire page carefully. Due to our small team, we can only consider submissions that meet our full requirements.

Join Our Writers' Database

Want to write for Cambio & Co. but don't have an idea to pitch? We keep a writers' database that we call upon when we need help with a specific story or topic. Email our editorial team at hello@shopcambio.co with subject line "Writer's Database: [Your Name]" along with a brief bio, your topic interests, contact information, writing samples, and links to your social media. 

Pitch A Story: Topics We're Looking For 

Topic 1: Filipino Fashion, Craftsmanship, and Heritage

Well-researched, informative, and engaging content that unpacks our rich history of Philippine craftsmanship, design, traditions, fashion and styles. Our aim is to empower Filipinos to learn about our history and express our heritage in every part of our lives.

Topics Include: Filipino fashion trends and their evolution, features on innovative Filipino designers, deep dives into Filipino craftsmanship history and heritage (ex. The embroiderers of Lumban), features on specific garments/textiles/products (for example: how to wear a barong, the story of T’nalak weaves, etc.), and sustainable fashion in the Philippines.


Topic 2: Filipinx Beauty & Wellness

How-to’s, advice, resources, and anecdotal content that reclaims our definitions of beauty and wellness. Our goal is to move our community towards an inclusive Filipino definition of self-love so we feel empowered to embody our heritage daily (#WearYourHeritage).

Topics Include: Body positivity, decolonizing beauty standards, colourism, one’s personal journey to self-acceptance and self-love, features on Filipinx-owned beauty brands and leaders in this space, etc. 


Got Another Idea?

These are all the topics we’re currently looking for. If you have a specific idea that falls outside the above themes, feel welcome to pitch it!

Important Note: We want to share a comprehensive and inclusive narrative of the Philippines and our 7000+ islands. Perspectives outside of Manila, Luzon, and stories that showcase other Philippine languages, gender identities, customs, religions, etc. outside the mainstream are strongly encouraged!

The Cambio & Co. Audience:

  • Individuals of Filipinx heritage/ descent who are interested in learning more about their Filipino identity, culture, and heritage.
  • Our audience is based in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Europe (the Filipinx diaspora). Most may not have grown up in the Philippines and have varying levels of knowledge, understanding, and familiarity with the Philippines and Filipino culture.
  • The majority of our audience identify as women of the Z and millennial generations.

To us, there's no such thing as "the ideal Filipino" or "being Filipino enough." This is personal and subjective, and Cambio promotes different ways of being.


  • We offer payment for all original content on our site. Rates are determined by the length, nature an complexity of the article. For example, research and fact-intensive features on Filipino craftsmanship and history will pay more than listicles or how-to’s. The rate for our articles is to be discussed in advance.
  • We don’t offer payment for brand collaborations or non-commissioned promotional articles. 

More Important Details: 

We value your unique story and narrative, and want it to come through! However, please read a few blog posts on our site and mirror our brand voice, tone, and formatting/spacing. Avoid long paragraphs, and use lots of headers/images when appropriate. 

  • Your content must be 100% original and not published anywhere else online.
  • Articles are approximately 800-1500 words.
  • Your blog post should be actionable. Ask yourself, “What will the reader be able to accomplish after reading this post?”
  • We require at least two links to Cambio & Co.’s website in your article, including one other Cambio & Co. blog post and potentially our sister site Sinta & Co.
  • You may link to your website and one blog post in your author headline/bio.
  • We reserve the right to reprint your blog post – or portions of your post – elsewhere.
  • Please share the post across your social media accounts the day it goes live.
  • We may tweak your blog post headline to optimize for search engines/social media.
  • We may add additional inbound links/links to your guest post.
  • We may optimize your blog post for SEO by adding natural keywords. All blog posts should be optimized for an agreed-upon SEO keyword – we’ll work with you to do this.

We’re only interested in individual guest posters, not companies or individuals on behalf of companies. We also prioritize individuals from the Filipino community and allies of the Filipino community with firsthand experience of the topics they’re pitching (for example: Re-learned Tagalog firsthand, or travelled back to Philippines).

The Process

Once you submit your pitch to us, it may take 4-6 weeks before we’re able to get back to you (we’re a tiny team!). Our editorial team will review your pitch and let you know whether it’s a fit for Cambio. 

Once your pitch is accepted, we’ll confirm compensation and the terms of publication. Then you can get to work with our editorial team to share and write your story! Payment is sent once your piece is 100% complete and scheduled for publication. 

Ready To Submit A Pitch? Read The Instructions Below.

Your pitch should be a short summary of the article you’d like to write for us. They should be short - less than 500 words. Please send us your pitch and wait to hear back before commencing your article. 

  1. Please create your pitch as an editable Google doc.
  2. Send us an outline of your story (draft headline, main points, key headings, and a conclusion). Please also indicate which Cambio topic/theme this would fit under. 
  3. If it’s not immediately apparent in your outline, please describe what angle you plan to take. How do you plan to frame the topic?
  4. Answer the question: Why would Cambio’s audience care?  This should only be 1-2 sentences.
  5. Please include links to your social media, website, and/or other blog posts/ articles you’ve written, or even school papers. Anything that gives us an idea of your writing style and unique voice.
  6. Include any images in your Google doc, if relevant, for your article.

NOTE: Submission does not guarantee publication. We reserve the right to change these requirements at any time, and we may turn down your post if it does not meet our requirements.

PS - don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself “a writer” or if you haven’t been published anywhere else. We’d be honoured to be the first to publish you!

Now if you’ve read this **entire page** and have a blog post idea that falls into one of the categories above, please send your pitch to email hello@shopcambio.co with subject line: Article Submission > [brief summary of your topic] and include a link to your Google Doc within your email.
We can’t wait to hear your stories! Salamat!

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