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Your Impact In 2022

When you wear your heritage with Filipino jewelry, you join us in a global movement.

As a majority Pinay-owned and -operated company, Filipino culture is at the heart of our business. We want to make sure we’re not just sharing our culture, but also giving back to it.

Our Areas Of Impact

How Your 2022 Purchases Gave Back To The Philippines

Filipino craftsmanship is world-class, but it's long been undervalued.

Cambio & Co. only partners with social enterprises and designers that honor the craftspeople, culture, and crafting traditions behind your beloved pieces.

In 2022 you supported

316 Filipino artisans

  • 75% of the artisans are women
  • 43 artisan communities across the Philippines were employed
  • 100% of them got to proudly practice their craft

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Where In The Philippines You Supported Artisan Communities

8,000 pieces of jewelry & bags were handcrafted by filipino artisans

Every purchase you made from us in 2022 was designed and handcrafted in the Philippines. The Filipino creatives who made your favs were inspired by our culture to highlight native materials and traditional techniques found across the islands.

Through a community of designers, artisans, and advocates (that's you!), Cambio & Co. helps to preserve the following crafting traditions:

Gold Filigree

Ilocos Sur, Benguet, & Bicol | Plateros (metalsmiths) melt, hammer, and twist precious metal threads into lace-like patterns.


Cebu | Artisans cut, polish, in-lay, and craft seashells, like responsibly sourced capiz & macabebe, to bring out its natural beauty.


South Cotabato | Temwel, the Tboli method of brass-casting, centers a coal-powered hearth and an entire community working together.


South Cotabato | Tau Mokoyo (Tboli woodcarvers) carve by hand, dye with botanical extracts, then etch their intricate patterns.

Scrap Fabric Weaving

Across Metro Manila | The R2R signature weave is rooted in the humble basketweave which uses a square wooden frame to upcycle fabric.

Handloom Weaving

Ilocos, Abra, & Mindoro | A centuries-old technique of making textiles using a frame or machine that separates the threads as you weave a pattern.

Your Main Character Moment
You showed up unapologetically Pin@y 365 days

How you & 8,300 Filipinos felt when you wore your heritage in 2022


The most beautiful earrings I've ever owned. I love them so, so much and wish they were around when I got married but alas!

Now just have to find ways to wear them day-to-day. They dress up any outfit and earned me so many compliments. I will treasure these earrings forever!

Millette S.

My dad was born and raised in Cotabato. My dad’s love and pride for his city and country are unmatched and have been passed on to my sister and I.

Most of my family from his side still live in Cotabato and so wearing this bracelet feels like I’m carrying a piece of home with me always.

Crystelle May B.

My partner surprised me with these for our anniversary and they are so beautifully thoughtful! Brings me extra joy that they are created IN the Philippines with homage to traditional Filipino styles — proudly a Filipina-American reppin’ these!

Heidi Joy D.

My Lola used to have something like these she calls it the Tambourine. Wearing this beautiful jewelry is not just to showcase my heritage but also to honor my Lola...

Aiza C.

When I received these 2 specific pairs, not only did I LOVE them, I felt so connected to them — they had a story and I felt like I was a part of that story. I celebrate them not just as examples of the artistry of my culture, but as symbols of my own healing journey.

Bernadette N.

More than 3,200 Filipinos started to wear their heritage this year*

Whether you've been with us since day one or you bought one piece in 2022, we're so grateful to have you in the Cambio & Co. community as a customer-advocate!

*Number of new customer-advocates who joined our community in 2022

Maraming salamat sa'yo for creating impact with us in 2022!