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A Filipino Gift Guide For The Holidays: 12 Brands To Gift Your Heritage

If you grew up in a Filipino household like ours, the days around Christmas are a flurry of balikbayan boxes, Filipino gifts, and video calls. You learn early on that Filipino culture is a gift-giving one. Whether it’s your birthday or first paycheck, these are occasions to treat your loved ones—not the other way around!

Filipinos celebrate by sharing with others. 

The holiday season allows us to connect: to self, to loved ones, and to our roots. We honor family traditions, pay respect to our ancestors, and make new memories—usually gathered around a dining table with our favorite Filipino food.

Always, we celebrate our Filipino heritage in community.

Here at Cambio & Co., our rallying cry throughout the year is to #WearYourHeritage. Naturally, for the holidays, our advocacy is to gift your heritage.

When you #GiftYourHeritage, you send love in all directions. You celebrate your Filipino identity, love on others, and support Filipino-owned businesses.

We’ve curated twelve Filipino brands, including ours and our partners in the Philippines, that proudly represent our culture. They’re all available to shop from online and will ship internationally from Canada or the USA to you!

If you’re in a hurry, jump to the type of Filipino gifts you’re looking for!

*Quick disclaimer: none of the following brands have sponsored this blog post. The Cambio & Co. Team only recommends brands we’ve personally tried or believe deserve more recognition!

Filipino Gifts — Jewelry

AMAMI: A Filipino Gift Made To Last For Generations

 AMAMI: A Filipino Gift Made To Last For Generations

Based in Metro Manila, Ilocos Sur, and Benguet in the Philippines | Shipping internationally from Toronto, Canada and New York, USA

AMAMI jewelry is more than an accessory. It’s wearable art, it’s a family heirloom-in-the-making. The plateros (metalsmiths) reimagine Filipino jewelry styles from history, like the devotional relikaryo necklace or hoop-like creolla earrings, with a contemporary twist. Gold jewelry that your Lola from a few generations ago would have worn!

AMAMI was founded in 2017 by childhood friends Christine Tiu and Danielle Tan who are passionate about keeping the Philippines’ jewelry-making traditions alive. Today, they partner with thriving artisan communities in Ilocos Sur, Benguet, and Bicol!

What We Love: AMAMI’s holiday-exclusive Parol Capiz Shell Earrings which were inspired by the iconic Filipino lanterns that light up our homes during the holidays. Or, the Sampaguita Minimalist Necklace, a sweet and dainty gift that can be worn every day,


Arete: A Filipino Gift Of Jewelry Inspired By The Philippine Islands

Arete: A Filipino Gift Of Jewelry Inspired By The Philippine Islands

 Based in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Bacolod in the Philippines | Shipping internationally from Toronto, Canada and New York, USA

One-of-a-kind pearls woven intricately or seashells shaped into flowers. Arete finds bold and unique ways to express the beauty of the Philippine Islands in its jewelry. Fashion designer Mia Jeanjaquet draws endless inspiration from the places, people, handicrafts, and materials she encounters on her travels across the archipelago.

She started jewelry-making as a hobby, crafting tassel earrings for friends and family. Nowadays, she works with multiple artisan communities. The more Mia learns about Filipino craftsmanship, it becomes ever-clearer: “The possibilities are endless as we continue to discover and create new ways to design inspired by our home.”

What We Love: Arete’s Caida Bloom Drops which resemble a garland of sampaguita and feature locally sourced baroque pearls.


Sesotunawa: A Filipino Gift To Celebrate Indigenous Tboli Craftsmanship

Sesotunawa: A Filipino Gift To Celebrate Indigenous Tboli Craftsmanship

Based in South Cotabato, Philippines | Shipping internationally from Toronto, Canada and New York, USA

The Tboli, an Indigenous group in the highlands of South Cotabato, are renowned storytellers and craftspeople. Just some of the ways they tell the stories of their community are through woodworking, beading, and brass-casting! Sesotunawa is a Tboli-led enterprise that brings them all together.

In Sesotunawa’s jewelry, you’ll catch a glimpse of Lake Sebu’s serene waters, the sky that hangs above it, and the strength of the people who call this place home. Wearing Sesotunawa is a reminder to take a moment out of your day to look closer around you in gratitude and appreciation.

What We Love: Sesotunawa’s K’lung Kalayaan—both the earrings and bangle—which combines the Tboli shield (k’lung) and Filipino flag as a symbol of freedom (kalayaan).

Filipino Gifts — Clothing & Textiles

Pinay Collection: A Filipino Gift To Hype Up Your Bestie

Pinay Collection: A Filipino Gift To Hype Up Your Bestie

Based in and shipping internationally from Toronto, Canada

Pinay Collection produces tees, totes, atbp. (etc.) for the unapologetic Filipina/x. “Maarte” (dramatic or choosy), maldita (bitchy), and bruha (hag) might not be the words you first think of to flatter your best friend (or yourself!). But Pinay Collection is flipping the script.

Jovie Galit, the calligraphy artist behind Pinay Collection, started the brand as a way to reclaim pejorative Tagalog words against Filipino women. Along the way, she’s found a community that’s embracing their Pina/xy identity in full: audacious, tender, and everything in between.

What We Love: Pinay Collection’s "Ingat Palagi" Crewneck Sweater to remind your bestie to "take care always" in a sweater that feels like a hug.


Masagana Flower Farm: A Filipino Gift For PlanTitas & PlanTitos

Masagana Flower Farm: A Filipino Gift For PlanTitas & PlanTitos

Based in and shipping from Manitoba, Canada

Masagana means “abundance” in Tagalog. It’s a Filipino mindset that saw a lawn and transformed it into a flower farm. Lourdes Still grows flowers here during the warmer months. Then after the last flowers of the year are harvested, Lourdes uses them to naturally dye textiles.

“Gardening is my opportunity to become at home in the prairies, to find connection with the new world around me,” says Lourdes. The green thumbs in your life (a.k.a. planTitas and planTitos) will surely relate and love a gift made by a kindred spirit.

What We Love: Masagana’s Silk Scarves are all-natural and hand-dyed by Lourdes using flowers picked in the summer. If you ever find yourself in  Manitoba, we recommend booking the On-Farm Tinta Experience! You’ll be guided through a tour of the farm and a chance to dye-it-yourself (it being your textile souvenir).

Filipino Gifts — Food

Kapé Philippine Coffee: A Filipino Gift For Coffee Lovers

Kapé Philippine Coffee: A Filipino Gift For Coffee Lovers

Based in and shipping internationally from Vancouver, Canada | Sourced from the Philippines

Each cup you brew from Kapé Philippine Coffee is served with a story. On every bag, you’ll find front-and-center who farmed your coffee, where it was grown in the Philippines (including elevation!), and how it was processed. This isn’t just for meticulous coffee drinkers, it’s to honor the coffee farmers.

Kapé partners directly with farms owned by Filipino families and Indigenous growers in the highlands of Cordillera and Davao. They state on their website, “we aim to tell the story of Filipino perseverance, patience, and hospitality—in a transformative and lasting way.”

What We Love: the Season’s Harvest coffee bundle which features their “farmer friends’ latest harvest” and saves you $9 on three (3) 250-gram bags. There’ll be plenty to serve for noche buena (Christmas eve feast) or media noche (New Year’s Eve feast)!


Oodaalolly Chocolate: A Filipino Gift For Sweet Tooths

Oodaalolly Chocolate: A Filipino Gift For Sweet Tooths Who Travel Through Food

Based in and shipping internationally from San Francisco, USA

Oodaalolly Chocolate opened our eyes (or palates, rather) to the wonder of Philippine chocolate! Hernan Lauber, a second-generation chocolatier and the founder of Oodaalolly, brings Filipino cacao and Swiss technique together in award-winning bars.

The chocolate brand sources cacao beans directly from farmers in Davao, Philippines. Their chocolate bars highlight the nuanced flavors of Filipino cacao. You can choose from fruity and floral, lightly sweetened and robust, or bright and refreshing chocolate notes!

What We Love: Oodaalolly's Signature Swiss-Style 70% Dark Chocolate—a classic. If you’re gifting to someone adventurous, they might enjoy the Maker’s Cache which features a new limited-edition flavor every month. Past experiments include “durian crunch”, “anise chocolate”, and “ginger honey yuzu”.

Kasama Chocolate: A Filipino Gift To Bring Your Loved Ones Together Through Food

Based in and shipping from Vancouver, Canada

Friendship and community are the secret ingredients to Kasama Chocolate's sweet treats. Founded by four friends, they've been handcrafting bean-to-bar chocolate and truffles in small batches from their workshop on Granville Island, Vancouver.

Since they started in 2015, Kasama Chocolate has won international awards. You can sample bars made in a wide selection of flavors and with cacao beans from around the world — including Ecuador, Uganda, and of course, the Philippines!

What We Love: Kasama's Kapé Espresso Bar, made in collaboration with Kapé Philippine Coffee (see above), using cacao beans and coffee beans from Davao Region. If you're in Vancouver and want to see where the magic is made, gift your barkada with a Chocolate Tour & Tasting experience on Granville Island!

Filipino Gifts — Body & Self-Care

Malaya Botanicals: A Filipino Gift For A DIY Spa Day

Malaya Botanicals: A Filipino Gift For A DIY Spa Day

Based in and shipping from California, USA

Find your freedom from pain and stress through Malaya Botanicals. Named after the Filipino word for “free”, this brand brings holistic wellness and healing to your everyday self-care routine. They’ve created an extensive product line with a favored ingredient: CBD (cannabidiol)!

You might’ve heard of it already, a chemical derived from cannabis. It’s known to help reduce inflammation, pain, and other conditions without the high. Malaya Botanicals offers edibles, candles, skincare, and tinctures—all of which include premium CBD and natural ingredients like essential oils.

What We Love: the CALM Essential Oil Roll-on made with a blend of vetiver, bergamot, patchouli, ylang-ylang, and chamomile. Tita will remember you as her favorite pamangkin (niece or nephew) for sure!


Filipinta Beauty: A Filipino Gift For 90s and Y2K Nostalgia

Filipinta Beauty: A Filipino Gift For 90s and Y2K Nostalgia

Based in and shipping internationally from New York, USA | Orders within the Philippines ship from Metro Manila

A butter cookie tin, but it’s lip balm inside—not a sewing kit! Everybody's favorite Filipino flavor, ube, served as an eye shadow palette. Banana ketchup but make it an iconic red-orange lip gloss. Makeup is so much more playful with Filipinta Beauty!

A portmanteau of “Filipina” and “pinta”, the up-and-coming brand reinvents “[face] paint for Filipinas”. The brand celebrates Philippine culture whether it’s the snacks we brought to school, the childhood games we played, or the folklore we still dream about.

What We Love: Filipinta’s Pearl of the Orient Eyeshadow Palette, “inspired by the beautiful pearls that are found in our very own motherland”. The real gift is feeling like a mermaid.

Filipino Gifts — Home

Shop Farols: A Filipino Gift To Light Up One’s Home During The Holidays

Farol: A Filipino Gift To Light Up One’s Home During The Holidays

Based in San Francisco Bay Area, USA | Shipping to the US & Canada only.

The parol is an iconic piece of Filipino culture, one that reminds us of home and the holidays. This Christmas lantern, originally inspired by the biblical Star of Bethlehem, greets guests at the doorstep and welcomes them into a warm, happy place.

Farol by Wicked! makes it possible for Filipino families across the US (and beyond) to brighten up their homes with a parol. Whether you choose a mini star ornament or a whopping 25-inch Tala, each parol is handcrafted in the Philippines, the traditional way with capiz shells.

What We Love: the Sampaguita Parol if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas; or the Pinoy Warriors for a homey touch of red, blue, yellow, and white (from the Philippine flag)!


Three mini candles labeled Bamboo Coconut scented.

Lu France Interiors: A Filipino Gift To Decorate One’s Happy Place

Based in and shipping internationally from San Diego, USA | Sourced from the Philippines

Inspired in part by her Filipino mother and grandmothers, France Malvar curates home decor that is handmade, meaningful, and intentional in its design. Every piece she highlights carries a story and will continue to collect memories as you use it in your home.

Browsing through Lu France Interiors feels like wandering through a cozy mom-and-pop shop. There are handwoven pillow covers and couch throws, hand-formed ceramics, naturally dyed silks, and more. Their product selection has changed over time, like a well-loved home, so visit often.

What We Love: the Bamboo Coconut Scented Soy Candle, which was inspired by France's childhood in the Philippines and here wedding in a garden by the ocean. Each candle is crafted in collaboration with Terra, a fellow Filipina-owned small business.

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