Kapwa & Solidarity Statement

Land Acknowledgement

Land Acknowledgements are rooted in an ancestral diplomatic practice. Upon passing through a territory, it was customary to acknowledge and express gratitude to the caretakers of the land. In Filipino culture, this is similar to saying “Tao Po” upon entering someone’s home as a means of honouring both the people inside and the spirits protecting the home and its surroundings. 

The Cambio & Co. seed was first planted in Tkarón:tó (also written Tkarón:to and Tkaronto), the “Dish with One Spoon” territory. This is a treaty between the Anishinaabe, Mississaugas of the Credit, and the Haudenosaunee. For thousands of years, it has also been the traditional territory of the Huron-Wendat, the Seneca, and is now home to many First Nation, Inuit and Métis communities. 

All of us who share this land are eating from the same Dish, with only one spoon. This fosters a feeling of shared responsibility that the Dish never goes empty. The Dish reminds us of the communal practice of Kamayan. The act of using our hands and eating off banana leaves connects us more deeply with Mother Earth, and fosters a sense of pride and togetherness.

Today, the Cambio & Co. community extends globally across oceans. We share with you this statement in solidarity with all displaced peoples as we hold each other in the complexity of diaspora experience. We celebrate all the lands and waters we carry in our bodies, wherever those bodies may be at this moment in time.

We also honour that before our archipelago was known as the Philippines, named after a 16th century king who never stepped foot on our islands, there were a multitude of established and vibrant Indigenous communities. These communities continue to fight, exist, and thrive today. We stand against anti-Indigeneity and in support of Indigenous sovereignty worldwide. We stand against anti-Blackness in all its forms, and acknowledge our responsibility to dismantle systems that uphold anti-Blackness  in our culture.  

Lastly, we give thanks to all the hands that create the pieces we share with you as a way to Wear Your Heritage. These hands carry with them the ancestral wisdom to work with capiz, pearls, rattan, and many more of our Motherland’s gifts and resources. 

As the great Audre Lorde said, “We are not free until everyone is free.” We state our commitment to work in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples and across racial identities in the struggle for our collective liberation. 

We know words are important, but they must be followed with action.

We will soon be filling this space with solidarity and community resources to support our collective un/learning and liberation journeys.

If there are resources you'd like us to include, please email hello@shopcambio.co