Cambio & Co in the Philippines

About Cambio & Co.

Filipino Jewelry

Traditional Filipino Craftsmanship. Modern Designs. Unapologetically Pinay.

Cambio & Co. is a Filipino jewelry company based in Toronto and Manila. Every unique piece is designed and handcrafted in the Philippines to preserve traditional craftsmanship and deepen your connection to the homeland.

We intentionally source our jewelry from Philippines-based designers and artisan brands to build bridges with the diaspora and dispel the colonial myth that ‘imported is better’. 

That’s why every Cambio piece celebrates local materials, Philippine artistry, and our cultural heritage. 

We’re proud to be majority-owned and operated by Pinays! Your pieces ship from Toronto and New York. 

What Makes Your Cambio Jewelry Special

Sourced in partnership with Filipino designers, ethical jewelry brands, and artisan communities in the Philippines known for their innovative designs and modern Filipiniana.

Every piece is handcrafted with uniquely Filipino materials from across Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao to support local industries.

Creates sustainable livelihood for traditional artisans, preserves pre-colonial craftsmanship, and celebrates Filipino excellence.

Want to see your impact with Cambio? Read our 2022 impact report.

"This is one of those pieces that turns into a family heirloom. I appreciate you folks supporting Filipino creators and making their product and stories accessible. What you do is so special."

- Abigail S. from Idaho

Our Story

The idea for Cambio & Co. first came to us during a trip to the Philippines in 2012. 

I was born in the province of Bulacan and moved to Canada when I was 3. For most of my life, I grew up disconnected from other Filipinos and ashamed of being Asian.

But when I turned 22, I returned to the Philippines for the first time, accompanied by Jérôme (my husband and Cambio’s Co-Founder).

While visiting my dad’s hometown in Malolos and meeting Titas and cousins for the first time, I realized: damn, there’s a lot I don’t know about my culture. Or myself.

Re-Connecting With My Filipino Roots

Jérôme and I began researching ethical fashion brands and social enterprises in the Philippines. We learned about artisans upcycling old t-shirts into bags, and Filipino jewelry designers striving to preserve pre-colonial techniques.

The idea for Cambio was born: a company where every product is designed and handcrafted in the Philippines for the Filipinx community.

I wish I could say the rest was history, but colonial mentalities and cultural trauma run deep.

When we shared our vision with other Filipinos, they told us not to do it. 

“You’ll never be a real business if you only serve Filipinos,” they said.  Unfortunately, we listened to them. 

Learning To Trust My Voice

Cambio initially launched in 2015, but it wasn’t til 2018 that we became the company we are today.

One that’s rooted in our real Why: to create sustainable livelihood and celebrate Philippine artisans, while empowering Filipinos in the diaspora to reconnect with our heritage and celebrate who we are.

Today, we’re proud to serve over 6000 Filipina/x/o customers in 18 countries and connect you to artisan communities across the Philippines.

Maraming salamat for choosing to #WearYourHeritage with us.

In sisterhood & solidarity,
Gelaine Santiago, CEO of Cambio & Co.

Our Sister Company

Sinta & Co. Filipino Wedding

After planning our own wedding, we quickly realized how difficult it was to learn about Filipino wedding traditions and find ceremony essentials outside of the Philippines. 

In 2019, we launched Sinta & Co. a Filipino wedding boutique to help couples celebrate their heritage on their wedding day and milestone events!