Filipino Jewelry By Region

Celebrate Your Homecoming

Where is your family from? It's always exciting to meet another Filipino in the diaspora. But nothing describes that spark of recognition when you actually meet someone from your family’s hometown or ancestral province. 

After all, the Philippines isn’t a monolith. Each region is home to hundreds of unique languages, cultures, religions, craftsmanship, and local materials.

We’ve sourced Filipino jewelry in partnership with artisan communities across the islands to bring you pieces that reflect the landscapes, waters, and soul of the motherland. We're always adding to our collection to reflect the many places we come from.

Our current regional collections:

Ilocos | Benguet | Manila | Cebu & Visayas | South Cotabato in Mindanao | Bicol | Batanes

A map of Luzon with location pins on Ilocos, Benguet, and Metro Manila


Map of the Visayas in the Philippines with location pin on Cebu


Map of Mindanao with location pin on South Cotabato



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The Ilocos Jewelry Collection

From gold Filipino jewelry inspired by local flora and fauna, religous symbols, and contemporary designs, we transport you to the Ilocos Region - a living time capsule of the Philippines.

The Benguet Jewelry Collection

Benguet Province is where the Cordillera mountains meet the coast, the famed rice terraces grow, and stories of resistance come alive. Our Benguet Jewelry Collection is brought to you by a Nanay and Tatay team of plateros who are keeping their craft and heritage alive.

The Manila Jewelry Collection

Our Manila Collection reflects the capital’s eclectic spirit and diverse cultures. Here we unite natural materials and handcrafted components from across the motherland to capture the beauty of our peoples’ diversity and ingenuity.

Cebu & The Visayas Collection

The Visayas are where fierce resistance and graceful beauty meet. Rich in natural materials, you’ll find Filipino jewelry handcrafted with authentic Philippine pearls, capiz, mother of pearl, rattan and more - which we’ve intentionally sourced to support local industries.

South Cotabato In Mindanao

Known as the “Land of the Dreamweavers”, South Cotabato is where you’ll find Lake Sebu. Here is home base for the Tboli, an Indigenous group celebrated as visionary craftspeople: brass-casters (Tau Temwel), beaders, woodcarvers (Tau Mokoyo), and Dreamweavers.

The Bicol Collection

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Words From Our Barkada


I love how light the earrings are, and the quality. I'm a big fan of big, dangly earrings and I like that I can dress these up or down. I am also from Cebu, so this is a nice way to have a piece of home.

Mailyne B.
Ottawa, Ontario

My mother is from Ilocos Sur, so these earrings are a way to proudly display my heritage and to showcase the skill of the plateros from that region. Thank you for sharing all these lovely items in your shop; I look forward to adding to my collection!

Monika S.
Longueuil, Quebec

Is anybody else getting choked up when they open their box? 'Cause I sure did! I purchased these for myself as a birthday gift. 🥰 They're absolutely stunning, and to hold something that reminds you of home is priceless.

Tiffany L.
Los Angeles, CA