From Palestine to the Philippines: A Solidarity Fundraising Collection


      Over the last 240+ days, we’ve watched in horror as the genocide in Gaza unfolds. Over 35,000+ Palestinians have been brutally murdered and thousands more injured and displaced by the state of Israel, with the full backing of the US and UK. 

      In collaboration with local makers in Toronto and Indigenous Tboli artisans from Mindanao, we bring you the collection, “From Palestine To The Philippines”, an urgent call to the Filipinx diaspora to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. 

      100% of profits from this collection will be donated to grassroots mutual aid funds for Palestinians who are evacuating the genocide in Gaza. 

      We’ve said before that wearing your heritage is an act of love and resistance.  And today we invite you to also wear your solidarity — loud, proud, and unapologetically Pin@y 🍉✊🏽

      Note: Due to the urgency of the situation, the pieces in this collection are currently on pre-order so we can begin collecting funds immediately. Please see each individual product page for timelines. Email us at if you have questions!