Philippine Pearl Jewelry, a pair of flower-inspired earrings on the left and a dainty necklace on the right

Arete Filipino Jewelry

Finding inspiration from all over the Philippines, Arete reimagines the islands into modern tropical jewelry. Each piece captures the homeland’s landscapes, its people and their crafting traditions in inspired ways.

When wearing a pair of Arete’s earrings, you keep close the warmth of the islands: its golden sunsets, sweet-smelling flowers, and life-giving waters.

Founder and Designer Mia Jeanjaquet, who hails from Bacolod, intentionally celebrates her Filipina roots through Arete. In 2017, after studying fashion and working for other designers in New York City, Mia decided to pursue her own creative vision.

What started as a jewelry-making hobby, crafting tassel earrings for family and friends, flourished into the ethical jewelry brand you see here today.

Now, Mia taps artisan communities across the islands—Manila, Cebu, and Bacolod, to name only a few—who specialize in weaving, shell crafting, or ceramics to realize her jewelry designs. She also collaborates with women artisans in Manila who assemble the earrings into complete works of art.
Arete Jewelry Artisans
Mia Jeanjaquet, Founder of Arete

“Each Arete design is one of a kind and handmade with the intention to celebrate the Philippines- in materials, skill work, creativity and artisans. The possibilities are endless as we continue to discover and create new ways to design inspired by our home.”