Filipino gold filigree jewelry - a pair of creolla earrings on the left and sampaguita necklace on the right with shells scattered around.

AMAMI Gold Filigree Jewelry

The intricate art of gold filigree jewelry is intrinsically Filipino, practiced and perfected by native plateros on pre-Philippine islands. Yet most people mistakenly attribute it to be Spanish, forgetting our country’s long history and heritage of gold filigree craftsmanship.

And this is what AMAMI wants us to remember.

AMAMI is the passionate vision of Christine Tiu and Danielle Tan, two childhood friends hailing from Metro Manila. By collaborating with talented Filipino plateros, AMAMI hopes to revive our proud heritage of gold filigree jewelry, create sustainable livelihood for Filipino plateros, and craft precious heirlooms that carry the story of our proud Filipino heritage.

Gold filigree is a meticulous and exacting technique in which the platero must melt blocks of gold or silver, repeatedly hammering and cooling them until they become fine and delicate threads. The thin threads are then carefully shaped by hand to form into intricate lace-like patterns, often inspired by nature.

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Danielle Tan & Christine Tiu, Founders of AMAMI

"The reality is, we have a very impressive jewelry tradition that we just don’t know about. We just want people to be more aware of what our Filipino craftsmen are capable of."

AMAMI Jewelry Founders