Update On COVID-19: Supporting Our Partners in the Philippines

Dear Friends,

These are challenging and unprecedented times. The situation around the world is escalating quickly, including in our homeland, the Philippines. 

On March 16th, the Philippine government announced “enhanced quarantine measures” in the island of Luzon, including Metro Manila. It's hard to understand what this means or what will happen. We’re maintaining close communication with our team and community partners in the Philippines to stay as informed as possible. 

Our first priority is to ensure everyone’s safety. Our partners have each taken measures to protect the health and safety of their employees and partner artisans. We currently have one Cambio & Co. team member in Manila who works from home.

Our second priority is to ensure livelihood. Not many people have the financial savings to go without work, and not many small businesses have the financial reserves to go a long period without revenue. We want to do everything in our power as Cambio & Co. to support them through this.

With the lockdown in Luzon, our partners have been hit hard financially. As their primary partner in North America, we hope that sales from Cambio & Co. can provide much needed financial resources to ensure our partners can continue to pay wages to artisans and staff.

What does this all mean for Cambio & Co.? 

You can shop online and order as normal. 

As a small online company based in Canada, we have the ability to remain fully operational. We’re continuing to ship and fulfill your orders as usual. 

Restocking may take a while. 

Shipments coming outside of the Philippines are being restricted. Currently, it’s our understanding that we’ll still be able to receive shipments from our partners, but we’re expecting long delays. This means once items are sold out, it may take a while before they return. We’re paying close attention to this.

We’ll still be sharing stories and empowering you to #WearYourHeritage. 

We understand that shopping may feel frivolous during times like these. But we believe in the power of wearing your heritage with pride, particularly at a time where anti-asian racism is at an all-time high. 

We’re also working closely with our partners to develop ways to continue to provide them with a revenue stream, and the artisans with ongoing income. Your financial support is more important than ever. 

We're donating 5% of your purchases towards COVID-19 relief efforts in the Philippines

From March 16th until the end of the Enhanced Community Quarantine in the Philippines, we're donating 5% of your purchase to Project PEARLS. They are a grassroots non-profit that runs food and education programs for children across the Philippines. They've been working tirelessly to expand their daily feeding program to serve more of the Philippines’ lowest-income communities as the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown has left millions of vulnerable people without access to food and essentials.

Finally, we encourage you to show empathy. 

Please continue to support small and local businesses, particularly Chinese and asian-owned businesses. 

Please also check in on friends and family, especially the most vulnerable. This means the sick and elderly, but also frontline employees in precarious jobs who have no option but to go to work. And this also means asian, particularly Chinese individuals who are especially vulnerable to acts of racism and anti-asian violence.

We’re aware things are changing rapidly and we’re closely monitoring the situation along with our partners. We’ll continue to update this page, our social media channels, and our email newsletter with new developments.

In the meantime, our team is developing resources to support our community of Cambio advocates and to continue sharing stories that uplift us as a global Filipino community. 

Thank you for your ongoing support. Our thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted and we hope you and your loved ones stay safe, healthy, and well.

In solidarity, 

Gelaine Santiago & Jérôme Gagnon-Voyer 

Co-Founders, Cambio & Co.


We're donating 5% to COVID-19 relief efforts in the Philippines to feed the most vulnerable communities in the Philippines.

Automatically applies to all orders from March 16th.

Project PEARLS is a non-profit volunteer organization feeding the most vulnerable communities in the Philippines. Learn more.