Island Girl

Island Girl

Unfortunately, we had to say paalam (goodbye) to our artisan partner, Island Girl, in 2023. They'd been a long-time partner since 2018, but when the pandemic hit the Philippines, many local businesses were hit hard and never fully recovered. They've shut down operations to pivot in a new direction, so these last few pieces are our final restock from Island Girl. You can find more jewelry from Cebu & The Visayas here.

What happens when you combine the Philippines’ rich natural materials with Filipino artisan traditions?

You get Island Girl, an eco-ethical fashion accessory brand based in Cebu. Channeling proud island vibes and love of nature, the Island Girl Collection is handcrafted using 80% natural and local materials, ethically sourced without disrupting the environment. Every piece is cut, cleaned, and polished by hand, creating contemporary pieces that respect Filipino artisans, traditional Filipino crafts, and the ecosystems in which they live.

Island Girl currently employs up to 20 artisan communities across Cebu, many of whom are home-based women artisans. A single piece touches many hands during its transformation, providing livelihood to multiple makers while showcasing the best the Philippines has to offer.

Janice Chua, Co-Founder of Island Girl

Producing natural material fashion accessories is a very noble thing because our efforts allow wealth to trickle down to the grass root communities. The material passes through the hands of many in the process of its transformation.

Janice Chua Island Girl