Cebu and The Visayas Jewelry

Cebu and The Visayas Jewelry


The Visayas are where fierce resistance and graceful beauty meet.

Known for its lush beaches and glistening seas, the province of Cebu and the Visayas were also sites of rebellion against the Spanish and the Marcos dictatorship. Cebu is where legendary hero Lapu-Lapu and the Mactan warriors defeated Magellan, postponing Spanish colonization in the Philippines by 40 years. This fighting spirit lives on today in the people and the land. 

With access to major Philippine seas and waterways, Cebu is rich in natural materials and craftsmanship. Here you’ll find Filipino jewelry handcrafted with authentic Philippine pearls, capiz shells, mother of pearl, rattan and more - which we’ve intentionally sourced to support local industries so you can wear your heritage.

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