Weaving World Handicrafts

Weaving World Handicrafts

Return To The Islands, a collection by Weaving World Handicrafts

It’s time to return to the islands, and our partner Weaving World Handicrafts transports us to Cebu and the Visayas. Wear your heritage with a treasure trove of shell and pearl jewelry plucked from bountiful waters and polished to perfection.

Founder Hazel Figueroa, originally from Leyte, started the business in 2011 by designing abaca bags. Seeking more artisan communities to collaborate with, she expanded to Cebu where she found a wellspring of shell-crafting talent.

Today, Weaving World Handicrafts works with multiple communities of shell artists and weavers who carry a lifetime of experience in their toolkits. They source mother of pearl, capiz shells, macabebe shells, and baroque pearls from small-scale fishers across the island. So you can wear a piece of the homeland that honors the land, seas, and people of the Visayas.

Hazel Figueroa, Founder of Weaving World Handicraft

"Our vision is to put the Philippines on the map through our one-of-a-kind accessories that promote our culture and bring out the natural beauty of a Filipina."