Tropik Beatnik

Tropik Beatnik

Playful & Bold Filipino Clay Jewelry Your Inner Child Would Wear

More than just a jewelry brand, Tropik Beatnik is a celebration of Philippine culture, creativity and 🌈 color 🌸.  Founded by Pinay artist and designer Carla Cruz, Tropik Beatnik features unapologetically quirky designs – drawing inspiration from childhood, nature, Philippine history, and Filipino culture. 

When Tropik Beatnik first launched in 2017, Carla handmade every piece herself. They’ve since expanded to employ 4 mother artisans from the Gawad Kalinga Community of Sitio Pajo in Quezon City and, together with the Cambio & Co. community, we hope to employ more.

Being a maker at heart and lover of all things eclectic, Carla doesn’t limit her collections to just handmade polymer clay. You’ll also see Philippine pearls, upcycled fabrics, and even salvaged beads from past collections or other brands into her designs. 

When you wear your Tropik Beatnik pieces, we hope you feel unapologetically Pinay, proud, and free to be exactly who you were meant to be. 

Carla Cruz - Bellare, Founder of Tropik Beatnik

"In creating Tropik Beatnik, my goal is to create pieces that empower -not only the small, but passionate community of artisan moms we work with, but also all the amazing people who choose to support local and the handmade pieces of art we create. Wearing Tropik Beatnik is like stepping into a whimsical tropical wonderland bursting with color and magic, and you'll just never be the same!"