Habin is a Filipino-grown lifestyle brand that integrates traditional Filipino artistry into contemporary closet staples. The word ’habin’ is Filipino for ‘weft’ - the threads that run from side to side on a loom in a woven fabric, symbolizing the weaving together of the old with the new.

      Angeli and Lara, Habin’s founders, were two college friends who shared a love for fashion. As the fashion scene in the Philippines boomed, they realized there was also space for traditional Filipino artistry and appreciation to grow alongside it.

      That’s why Habin works with small, family artisans to craft pieces that are fashionable, functional, and Filipino down to its roots. By creating contemporary, design-first products that show respect for Filipino traditions, founders Angeli and Lara aim to create a bigger space for rich Filipino artistry and traditions in our day to day lives.

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