Batanes Philippines

Batanes Jewelry


Proudly designed & handcrafted in Batanes 🇵🇭 to honor pre-colonial ancestral jewelry.

Batanes is a remote region in the Northernmost part of the Philippines. It’s also the smallest province in the country, with picturesque mountains, rolling hills, and quiet seaside views.

The Ivatan people continue to wear the gold jewelry of their ancestors, passed on through inheritance across generations. However, only one artisan remains who knows how to make jewelry based on traditional Ivatan designs. He crafted these pieces for you ❤️

Our partner AMAMI works with traditional plateros (silversmiths) to revive and celebrate the craft of gold filigree in the Philippines. We hope to see more Ivatan artisans crafting these pieces for you in the future!

Photo by Joseph Oropel

AMAMI Gold Filigree Jewelry

Honoring Pre-Colonial Heritage Through Traditional Filipino Jewelry