Philippine Capiz shell earrings and capiz brass choker necklace made by Filipino artisans

The Island Woman's Guide To Filipino Jewelry

Filipino jewelry is as diverse as our culture. Here's (almost) everything you wanted to know, in one guide.

As Filipinos, jewelry has a special significance in our history, community, and in our hearts.

We physically put it on our bodies, close to our chests, our ears, our fingers.

We pass them on as family heirlooms, like vessels of love, to stay connected to the people who’ve come before us. Jewelry is as intimate as fashion can get.

Many forms of jewelry-making were practiced by Indigenous peoples for centuries, even before the country was named the Philippines. A few of these traditions have survived, despite violent colonial and capitalist forces that
have tried to erase them.

That’s why Cambio & Co.’s rallying cry is #WearYourHeritage. It is both an act of love, and an act of resistance.

And so we're proud to bring you The Island Woman's Guide To Filipino Jewelry - a digital book filled with beautiful visuals, history, and all the fine details.

In this guide we trace the cultural significance, history, and craftsmanship of four iconic forms of FIlipino jewelry techniques across the islands:

We dive into their histories, how they're cultivated, and share the stories of our artisan partners who are keeping each craft alive.

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Gelaine Santiago

Gelaine Santiago

Gelaine is a social entrepreneur, an online storyteller, and a passionate advocate for diversity and ethics in business. She’s the co-founder of Cambio & Co., an e-commerce fashion company working with Filipino artisans to celebrate Filipino craftsmanship, culture, and heritage. Gelaine is also one of the founders of Sinta & Co., the world’s first conscious Filipino wedding boutique. She was named one of RBC’s Top 25 Canadian Immigrants of 2019. Find her on Instagram @gelainesantiago and

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