ANTHILL Fabric Gallery


      Based in Cebu, ANTHILL Fabric Gallery is one of the earliest pioneers of the indigenous textile movement in the Philippines. Their slogan is, “Wear your Tribe. Wear with Pride.” advocating the beauty of Filipino heritage and our rich weaving traditions.

      Founded by Anya Lim, the idea for ANTHILL originated from an experience when she was young. She remembers traveling to Banaue in Northern Luzon and visiting an indigenous community of weavers. Years later, she returned but was surprised to find a ghost town. The young people had disappeared, their weaving traditions lost, and all that remained was a museum to commemorate a lost culture. The shock propelled her to create ANTHILL.

      ANTHILL Fabric Gallery is an ethical fashion and cultural enterprise. They create contemporary fashion that respects Filipino heritage, indigenous weavers, and the environment. ANTHILL’s unique model not only employs artisans, but also trains them in financial literacy and cultural appreciation, teaching weavers how to use their unique talents to create profitable businesses.

      By creating sustainable livelihood and demand for traditional woven pieces, ANTHILL has helped pave the way for future generations of weavers, allowing them to stay within their communities rather than migrating to cities for precarious employment.

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