Fashion, Food, and Philippines: Highlights of our Halo Halo Holiday Pop-Up

Fashion, Food, and Philippines: Highlights of our Halo Halo Holiday Pop-Up

When we decided to host a pop-up for the holidays, we knew it had to be fresh and different. We didn’t want you to just walk into some shop. We wanted you to be able to see, touch, hear, and even TASTE everything the Philippines has to offer.

And not the usual Philippines. But the Philippines of OUR generation.

So the Halo Halo Holiday Pop-Up was born! We partnered with our friend Carl Mandrique, chef and owner of Merienda, who had a unique recipe for deep-fried halo halo (a complete departure from the traditional shaved ice) that would be perfect for Toronto’s chilly winters. He served up delicious fusion Filipino foods while we showcased our beautiful products, all handcrafted and designed in the Philippines.

Our #halohalopopup was the first of its kind in Toronto (do you know any other fair trade fashion pop-up and Filipino fusion snack bar?) and it was even shared on BlogTO! People showed up in droves all weekend. At some point, there was a line all the way down the stairs, and someone even came all the way from Michigan just to attend our event!

We had a fabulous time, and came out of the weekend with renewed inspiration. One older Filipino gentleman looked skeptical at first when he came in, but as he continued to browse and learn about our makers, his eyes lit up. “Filipinos are truly world class, aren’t they?” he said. It struck me as important then, when he said it. Because it reinforced that Cambio Market isn’t here to sell products. We’re here to inspire a new perspective, to share stories, and to celebrate an aspect of Filipino culture many overlook.

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support us. You can bet you’ll be seeing us again soon, Toronto!


Installation of our sign - Halo Halo Holiday Pop-Up
Beginning of the popup, installing our sign!

Wall of bags! Halo Halo Holiday Pop-UpOur jewelry table in front of our most discussed "Wall of AKABA bags"

Cards, throws, bags, journals with a tropical theme!


Halo Halo Holiday PopupSaturday got so busy it was swarming with people!

Merienda - Halo Halo Holiday Popup
Menu from our food partner Merienda, the 3 options were a huge success. Thanks to Kasama for bringing some volunteers to help out with the food as well.

Carl from Merienda - Halo Halo Holiday Popup
Carl from Merienda, hard at work preparing a Sinigang Fish Tacos!

Justine - Halo Halo Holiday Popup
One of our best ambassador Justine, just ready for a bite of the Deep Fried Halo Halo

Halo Halo Holiday Popup - Bayanihan WallOur Bayanihan wall. Bayanihan is a tagalog word for "Working as a community to achieve a common goal"

Gelaine with Rachelle from ABS CBN - Halo Halo Holiday Popup
We had the chance of being interviewed by Rachelle Cruz from ABS-CBN.

Halo Halo Holiday Popup
Shopping and food, this is the best concept!Halo Halo Holiday Popup Rachelle CruzWith the full crew of ABS-CBN after our interview

Jerome & Gelaine at Halo Halo Holiday Popup
That was the only photo of us during the whole weekend as we were so busy running the event!

Halo Halo Holiday Popup
Sad moment at the end of the night on Sunday, removing our banner!Our decor team from Blue Hummingbird!
Thanks to Amanda and Patrick from the Blue Hummingbird for the huge help setting up the decor

Gelaine Santiago

Gelaine Santiago

Gelaine is a social entrepreneur, an online storyteller, and a passionate advocate for diversity and ethics in business. She’s the co-founder of Cambio & Co., an e-commerce fashion company working with Filipino artisans to celebrate Filipino craftsmanship, culture, and heritage. Gelaine is also one of the founders of Sinta & Co., the world’s first conscious Filipino wedding boutique. She was named one of RBC’s Top 25 Canadian Immigrants of 2019. Find her on Instagram @gelainesantiago and

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