Mindanao region in the Philippines has a bad reputation. Most people equate it with violence or conflict, and no one ever thinks of the region’s rich cultural history, beautiful fabrics, or generous people. This is what VESTI is here to change – they’re showing the world that Mindanao products, people, and culture are beautiful.

VESTI is a Filipino social enterprise that combines indigenous fabrics and textiles from Mindanao with high-end, modern fashion. While other businesses opt for cheap and mass-produced fabrics, VESTI chooses the traditional. Their fabrics are handwoven from natural fibers by skilled artisans and often take days or weeks to produce (some which are so fragile they can only be woven at night!). Each piece embodies centuries’ worth of weaving tradition while blending in modern embellishments and styles. The result are wearable pieces of art that are perfect for today’s ethical fashionista.


VESTI is committed to preserving the Mindanao textile industry and promoting Mindanao culture. In order to maximize profit for the artisan weaver, VESTI doesn’t work with middlemen or other parties. Instead, they directly purchase the fabric from weavers at fair and above-market prices. They also work hand-in-hand with the weavers themselves to produce each design, ensuring every bag is infused with true Mindanao culture. When you purchase a VESTI bag, you help provide sustainable livelihood to artisan weavers and promote the beauty of a misunderstood region like Mindanao.

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