About TI’XAR (tee-shar)

      TI’XAR (pronounced “tee-shar”) is all about earthy goodness and pure Guatemalan culture. Based in the intricate highlands of Guatemala, TI’XAR is an environmental project that aims to connect people with the natural world around them. TI’XAR means blue in the Mayan language of K’iche’ and represents the love of nature that fuels their projects. They work with communities on the ground on multiple environmental causes (like reforestation, education, permaculture, eco-tourism, and many more).

      Through their bazaar, TI’XAR creates and shares unique, handcrafted, small-batch Guatemalan products with the rest of the world. Every product you see here was lovingly made in Guatemala, uses Earth-friendly materials, and helps make our world a more beautiful and wholesome place.


      TI’XAR products are handmade, fair trade, and produced in small batches to preserve quality and minimize waste. They offer above market wages to their artisans and make all their products using only earth-friendly (and human-friendly) materials.

      When you purchase a TI’XAR product, you’re doing more than buying something. You help provide dignified work and a liveable income to an artisan and their family. You also help fund TI’XAR’s environmental projects around the country, and support their non-profit and co-operative partners in Guatemala. 

      We have taken a new direction, which means we've had to say goodbye to a few of our amazing partners. Click here to browse our selection of products designed and handcrafted in the Philippines.

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