Founded in 2011 by Paula Pioquinto-Dimaano, Piesa is a proudly women-centered brand. They strive to uplift women from all walks of life, giving them the confidence to express themselves and speak their truths.

      After working in the corporate world for 10 years, Paula dreamed of doing something more meaningful with her life. Although not a jewellery designer by trade, Paula’s work was deeply influenced by her Lola (grandmother), a dressmaker who loved to tinker with things. One of Piesa’s first designs were modelled upon the EDSA, a notoriously busy highway in Manila renowned for its end-to-end traffic jams. By taking inspiration from everyday life in the Philippines, Piesa carries the story of the Filipino in all its different shapes, curves, complexities, and colours.

      To craft a Piesa piece, high-grade wires are carefully wrapped in fabric and then meticulously hand-twisted to form intricate configurations. The result are wearable masterpieces featuring timeless designs that tell the story of life in the Philippines.

      A passionate advocate for education and women empowerment, Piesa specifically employs young women from low-income communities, empowering them financially to pursue higher education and create economic opportunities for future generations.

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