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Ethical Gift Guide For Women: Gifts for the Fashionista

Gifts for the Ethical Fashionista

Who is she?

She's a social butterfly who makes friends easily and can carry a conversation. She's kind, driven, and always on the go. Her career is very important to her, but so are her friends, so that means she’s always raring to go - whether to network at an after-work event or to chill during ladies’ night out. Either way, bring out the wine! 

What’s her style?

She embodies immaculate style and is always dressed to impress. She likes to wear brand names, but it's more important that she looks and feels good – labels are secondary. She's mastered the art of layering and is a pro at finding the perfect accessory to add just the right amount of dazzle to complement her outfit. 

Sound like her? She may like these products...

  • Our Ezzy Lynn scrunchies: Go bold and sexy with our leatherback turtle scrunchie, or soft and classy with our Lion or Seahorse scrunchies - either way, your childhood scrunchie has got nothing on these! Handmade from locally sourced and vegan materials, every purchase goes toward WWF-Canada for wildlife conservation. 
  • Our classy Purpose Jewelry: Handmade by sex trafficking survivors rescued in India and California. They’re the perfect accessory for any fashionista - modern and trendy with just enough bling and lots of versatility. Opt for pieces like our Chevron Necklace or Kana necklace which she can easily use to complete a layered look.
  • A holiday card from our Good Paper Collection: Each card is lovingly handcrafted from recycled materials by former victims of sex trafficking in the Philippines. Each card has so much personality and is handsigned by the artisan.
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