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Ethical Gift Guide For Men: Gifts for the Ethical Man

Gifts for the Ethical Man

Who is he?

He's a down to earth guy with a good heart (and probably has a pet or two which he showers with affection). He's super up to date on current events and is always up for a stimulating conversation. He doesn't shop often, but when he does, he opts for quality items that match his principles and personal style.

What's his style? 

He cares how he looks, but brand names or labels don't really matter. His style is simple and classic – he sticks to dark or neutral colours and solid patterns, and avoids clothing or accessories that are flashy or over the top. He loves to shop local and support small businesses since he believes in knowing the people who made his products. The more personalized and unique the gift, the more it warms his heart.

Sound like him? He may like these products:

  • Our Krochet Kids beanies: Lovingly made by hand from quality and knitted materials. Each beanie is crafted in Uganda  and Peru by women impacted by poverty, and hand signed by the woman who made it.
  • Our Inspirations Studio Pawprints Pet Dish: Locally made in Toronto by women impacted by poverty, mental health, and addictions issues. It's hand signed and is the perfect gift for the animal lover in him.
  • A holiday card from our Good Paper Collection: Each card is lovingly handcrafted from recycled materials by former victims of sex trafficking in the Philippines. Each card has so much personality and is handsigned by the artisan.

Shop our Ethical Man Collection:

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