Aireescreates Design & Paperie

Aireescreates Design & Paperie

Free-spirited and always on the go, Airees Rondain has been experimenting with handmade paper and painting for years. Not afraid to be the “black sheep”, Airees chose to pursue her art as a career despite her family’s objections. She started off creating handmade paper invitations for weddings and events, but after 16 years and international success, she decided to pivot and channel her talents into Aireescreates.

Aireescreates is a sustainable paperie and design company that works in collaboration with local artisans in Mindanao, Philippines. Each design was created through a mix of design, chance, and circumstance. By purchasing from this collection, you support Airees in her craft, and also provide livelihood to local artisans in the Philippines.

Social Impact

Aireescreates products are made in collaboration with an artisan co-operative in Mindanao, one of the only fairtrade-certified co-operatives in the region. Airees and her artisans are committed to sourcing products as sustainably as possible, using responsibly sourced plant fibres to create cruelty-free and vegan leather products.

In addition to creating employment and sourcing responsibly, Airees is a passionate advocate for women empowerment, particularly for survivors of human trafficking. She has run multiple art workshops for trafficking victims, advocates for art as a form of therapy and healing, and espouses the beauty of Filipino products and talents.

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