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Father’s Day Ethical Gift Guide

by Gelaine Santiago June 07, 2016

Father’s Day Ethical Gift Guide

Let’s face it – we all dread when that little calendar alert pops up every June: Father’s Day. Those words often come accompanied with wide eyes and an impending sense of doom. What do you get one of the most important men in your life? Another sweater simply won’t do, and the “World’s #1 Dad” mug already ran its course. It’s time to think outside the box and get Dad something that goes beyond a product in a box – you need a gift with a story AND an impact.

How do I do that? You ask. Well, you’re in luck. We’ve put together a little guide of ethical gifts to make this year’s Father’s Day a meaningful one.

*Disclaimer: We’re an ethical lifestyle shop for socially conscious shoppers. Naturally, a number of our recommendations here can be found in our shop ( but we also recommend products that you can’t buy from us and who are not affiliated with us. We’re all about sharing products we love – even if they aren’t ones we currently sell in our shop.

1. For the Dapper Dad: Earth-Friendly Wood Accessories With Personality

Dapper Dad’s style is at once classy and unique. He wants pieces that are simply designed and easy to match, but which also showcase his original personality and style. Get him pieces that complement his existing wardrobe and appeal to his eco-conscious mindset. 

Here’s what we recommend for Dapper Dad:

Wooden Cufflinks - Cambio Market
Classy and sustainably made - these Wood Moustache Cufflinks are on point. Their deep walnut colour and stainless steel cufflink findings mean they pair easily with his favourite dress shirts and blazers. They’re ideal for the Dapper Dad who loves to be classy and to stand out. Made of scrap walnut wood that has been locally sourced in Toronto (so nothing is wasted), and paired with stainless steel backings (so they’re durable and rust-proof).

$27 CAD (Also part of our Father’s Day Ethical Gift Set).
Use code: FORDAD for $5 off when you spend $60+ until June 19th

Wooden Magic Wallet - Cambio Market

This Wood Magic Wallet is for the Dapper Dad who loves eco-conscious pieces and minimal design. Don’t be fooled though - it isn’t just classy and lightweight. It’s actually magic. Place a few bills and cards inside, and even Cool Man Dad will be delighted at how everything mysteriously slides into place. Made of beautiful cherry hardwood and suede straps, the Dapper Dad will carry this sleek wallet around with him everywhere. He’ll also love that it’s locally crafted in Toronto by an indie designer and uses sustainably sourced materials.

$40 CAD (Also part of our Father’s Day Ethical Gift Set)   
Use code: FORDAD for $5 off when you spend $60+ until June 19th

2. For the Rustic Dad: Sustainably Made Housewares

Rustic Dad is all about simple design and earthy décor. He loves classic and minimalist housewares that can bring the feeling of nature to home. Don’t just pick up any piece you find at a Homesense or IKEA though. Go the extra mile and opt for an eco-conscious gift handmade from natural materials. The authentic feel and unique story behind it will make all the difference.

Here’s what we recommend for Rustic Dad:
Rustic Wooden Coasters - Cambio Market
These Rustic Wooden Coasters are sure to be a hit. They’re handcrafted from reclaimed and found wood sourced around Toronto. Every coaster set is made in small batches and depends on the wood available. These coasters in particular are made from fallen logs from Toronto Island, so they’re one of a kind and can’t be replicated. Rustic Dad will love using these at home, especially when he has guests over for drinks.

$10 CAD for a set of 2 or $20 for a set of 4
Use code: FORDAD for $5 off when you spend $60+ until June 19th
Geometric Wood Plant Holder - Cambio Market
This Geometric Wood Plant Holder is rustic design at its best. The natural wood combined with the block design makes this a piece that is both classic and modern – everything Rustic Dad loves.  It’s perfect for succulents, cacti, or air plants and is made from reclaimed cedar that would otherwise have ended up in the landfill, so nothing is wasted. Eco-conscious, minimalist, and stylish - you really can’t go wrong here.

$35 CAD
Use code: FORDAD for $5 off when you spend $60+ until June 19th

3. For the Health-Conscious Dad: Organic, Fair Trade, and Cruelty Free Body Washes

Health-Conscious Dad watches what he puts into his body – when he has the choice, he’ll always opt for non-GMO, non-toxic, and organic ingredients. The same goes for what he puts ON his body. That’s why for this Father’s Day, get him natural products that use healthy,  wholesome ingredients – not ones with icky chemicals or toxins.

We suggest you try out organic, fair trade, and vegan care products from Toronto-based Sudsatorium. They were ranked one of the Top 10 Cruelty Free Makeup and Cosmetic Brands in Toronto by BlogTO and have super fun names for each of their products. We think Health-Conscious Dad would love flavours like: Espresso Yourself Shower Gel,  Ice Man Cometh (Peppermint)  Shower Gel, Beeronimo (lemony fresh organic vegan stout shampoo), and Java Conditioner (fair trade coffee conditioner with tangerine and cocoa). Everything is reasonably priced and 5% of every purchase goes toward grassroots charities around the world  – so live a little and pick something up for yourself too!

You can shop on their Etsy store linked here:

4. For the Homebody Dad: Cozy Pyjamas With Global Impact

Homebody Dad loves to be comfy, and what’s more comfortable than a pair of ultra soft pyjamas? We’re not talking about any pair of jammies though. Get him ones that are as unique and impactful as he is.


We recommend you check out Sudara, an ethical business in the US that sells comfy tees and “punjammies” handmade in India by women rescued from sex trafficking. Sudara employs the women as seamstresses, providing them with stable employment and job skills to help them heal and transition out of the sex trade. With every purchase, you help provide steady income to the women rescued, as well as education and housing for them and their children. We think Homebody Dad will love their Unisex Freedom Tee and Punjammies Lounge Pants (available in a number of patterns and colours).

Shop Sudara’s Ethical Clothing Collection online:

Note that they do ship to Canada, but it’s a bit pricey since they’re located in the States (and watch out for the USD conversion!)

5. For the Dad On-The-Go: Quality Travel Bags That Empower Indigenous Artisans

The Dad On-The-Go needs quality products that are ready for action as soon as he is. Whether he’s off to the gym, packing up for a weekend trip, or just has another busy day ahead, a quality travel bag can go a long way.

Viajero Travel Duffle Bag from AKABA - Cambio Market

We recommend the Viajero Travel Duffle Bag from AKABA. Not only are these artisanal bags ultra stylish and full of utility (each bag comes equipped with a removable and adjustable strap, a good number of pockets, and is highly durable), but they’re also handmade by skilled artisans from the Philippines using traditional techniques that are nearly extinct. Indigenous groups in the Philippines face extreme poverty, so AKABA works with weaving communities to provide stable jobs and income to indigenous artisans. Dad On-The-Go will love everything about this bag – its quality, style, and social impact will have him over the moon.

$170 CAD
Use code: FORDAD for $5 off when you spend $60+ until June 19th

6. A card made with love

Father's Day Greeting Card - Cambio Market

Buying the right gift is ultra important, but don’t forget the card! Check out this Father’s Day card by ethical cardmaker Good Paper Cards. Each card is fair trade and handcrafted from 100% recycled paper by women escaping sex trafficking in the Philippines. The inside of the card is blank so you can be as creative as you like. Each card is also handsigned on the back by the woman who made it. Dad, no matter what kind he is, will definitely love that.

$7.50 CAD
This card also comes free in the Father’s Day Ethical Gift Set

Still haven’t found something you love? Check out this awesome Father’s Day Gift Guide by our friends over at

Gelaine Santiago
Gelaine Santiago


Gelaine is co-founder of Cambio & Co. – a brand on a mission to change how business is done and how people shop. Cambio & Co. showcases contemporary, conscious fashion made with Filipino soul - all designed and handcrafted in the Philippines by talented Filipino artisans. Gelaine is a proud Filipina-Chinese-Canadian living in Toronto, writing and learning about Filipino culture, travel, and conscious living. Find her on Twitter @gelaineyyy.

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